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Thank you for visiting the site of one of the oldest amateur radio clubs in Northern Idaho. Your "All mode, all band" family friendly club since 1961!

Looking for information on getting your amateur radio license? Check out the New Ham page.

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Amateur License Exam Nov 12th Sandpoint

There will be a ARRL Amateur Radio License Exam on Nov 12th at 6pm in Sandpoint for all levels of license. Walk-ins allowed but please contact Kraig KE7SKJ by Oct 27th so we know how many test booklets to order from ARRL. Email: (click here) Kraig KE7SKJ. Location will be at: Bonner County Admin building, 1500 Hwy 2, Sandpoint ID (SW corner of Hwy 2 and Division St). Test fee is $15 cash or check (payable to ARRL).

There is a Technician class currently in process. This class size was maxed out early before it started. If interested in attending a 2nd class to start in January, please email: (click here) Kraig KE7SKJ to reserve your spot. Class size will be limited. No fee to attend class but students will need to purchase their own copy of ARRL Ham Radio License Manual (order by clicking here).

8/10 Repeater Update

After 2 years of work, the Bonner County linked repeater system is in place. A big thanks to all that helped with this project. There have been a few frequency changes. Samuels now has a UHF repeater in stead of a simplex base. Priest River is now VHF instead of UHF. And there is a new addition of a VHF repeater on HooDoo Mtn. Larry KF7TNA was worked a deal with Brad KC7JLU, who has taken down his 145.490 repeater from Baldy, so we can use his already coordinated repeater frequency pair on HooDoo. These are the current locations in the linked system:

Please allow 2 seconds when keying the mic to allow "ALL" repeaters that are linked to start before talking or listeners will not hear the first part of what you say.
   The K7JEP Sagle VHF repeater - Receive: 146.780MHz/123.0Hz tone (minus offset) Transmit: 146.180MHz/100.0Hz tone.
   The K7JEP HooDoo Mtn VHF repeater - Receive: 145.490MHz/136.5Hz tone (minus offset) Transmit: 144.890MHz/136.5Hz tone.
   The K7JEP HooDoo Mtn UHF repeater - Receive: 443.375MHz/123.0Hz tone (plus offset) Transmit: 448.375MHz/136.5Hz tone.
   The K7JEP Samuels UHF repeater - Receive: 443.875MHz/123.0Hz tone (plus offset) Transmit: 448.875MHz/123.0Hz tone.
   The K7JEP Priest River VHF simplex base - Receive/Transmit: 144.910MHz/100.0Hz tone.
   The KF7TNA Spirit Lake VHF simplex base - Receive/Transmit: 146.720MHz/123.0Hz tone.
   The K7ZOX repeater is located in Spirit Lake Idaho on the frequency 442.000 with a plus offset and 110.9 hertz tone.


BCARC Club Nets are held every Sunday evening on-the-air at 7:00 PM local time on the 146.780 ("-" offset/100 Hz tone) club repeater and other linked repeaters. Please see the Repeaters menu page for current linked repeater status.

BCARC Meeting

The BCARC club general meeting is held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM local time. Meeting location is at the Bonner County Environmental Health office (part of Panhandle Health District) at 322 S. Marion Ave. in Sandpoint, Idaho. Look for the Meandering Moose Motel at the intersection of Marion Ave and Highway 2. Turn south and look for parking lot on right hand side just before the first cross street intersection.

Click here for Google map to meeting location.

Bonner County ARES/RACES

Bonner County ARES/RACES general meeting is held the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM local time. The Bonner County ARES/RACES net is Tuesday nights at 6:45 PM local time. More information about Bonner County ARES/RACES meetings and nets can be found by visiting the Bonner Co ARES web page.

County Wide Repeater Project

BCARC in cooperation with the Bonner County Dept. Emergency Management is in the process of acquiring equipment and funds for a project to set up amateur radio equipment in several communities in Bonner County. Our goal is to build a county wide amateur communications system to support the communities through out Bonner County in a natural disaster or other emergency situation and that can be accessed with low power radios, a.k.a a 5 watt handheld, from anywhere in the county.

We are looking for donations of funds, VHF/UHF repeaters, VHF/UHF radios, VHF/UHF antennas and coax to be used on this project.

BCARC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization registered with the state of Idaho and the IRS as a public charity. Part or all of your donation may be tax deductible. Please speak to a tax professional for details on donations.

Please see the Repeaters page for details on the Bonner County linked repeater system.